Wednesday, March 07, 2007

When Will We Ever Learn? 

This complaint from a blogger is an old sad song about PR. When will our business learn to check before sending mass mailings? There seems to be an element in PR that believes spamming is effective strategy. It isn't and never has been. I suspect the mindset of the PR practitioner who engages in such broadside contact is "you never know." It's like playing the lottery. "Maybe some day, I'll win. Meanwhile, I will keep taxing myself with the cost of a lottery ticket."

The illogical thinking is depressing and makes one wonder about the future of the business. That written, I will relate what a PR practitioner said to me yesterday at lunch. This fellow has been around the PR business for decades and today, he teaches writing to practitioners who still can't string words together correctly. He said he worries about the future of PR based on the young practitioners he sees. He called PR a second or third-tier business that isn't getting the brightest minds. Maybe his view explains continuous spamming. But, if true, it also explains the decline of the field.

One could reply that it is just Old Farts complaining about the younger generation as Old Farts tend to do. He has a point, however, when spamming like this continues unabated. Some practitioners haven't learned the rules of the business -- or never knew them.


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