Thursday, March 08, 2007

Where PR Battles Are Now 

This blog entry on a PR battle between Microsoft and Google is instructive. Note where the warfare is taking place -- within blogs. We saw this happen in politics. It won't be long before the largest corporations will fight most of their PR battles in blogs and not in traditional media. Google and Microsoft are early leaders for a fundamental change in reputation management.

Blogs will certainly be key to the PR battles of companies going forward, but I think the traditional media will still play an important role. New media and traditional media currently serve to magnify each other's impact. Note that the current Microsoft/Google battle first was revealed by traditional media and then blogs joined the fray. Undoubtedly, traditional media will later report on the online debate. And so the cycle continues.

To me, blogs don't replace existing media, but rather complement and extend it.
Another reason why blogs will be battle grounds is because Blogs are becoming a major way to influence public opinion. Bloggers in a way are becoming Opinion Leaders.

Rajiv Harjai

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