Monday, May 07, 2007

More of Them Than You 

It didn't seem necessary to post comments on the online revolt that posted the encryption key for HD DVDs last week. However, an absurdity occurred from the episode that was too much to ignore. The industry is threatening to sue bloggers who posted the key.

The industry is forgetting PR basics in that threat. There are more of them than you. When a revolt becomes as large as it has, there is no way to retrieve the information or to punish those who have used it. The legal system is not equipped to handle the action needed. Secondly, the threat of a suit only shows how far out of touch and helpless the industry is. As expensive as it would be, the solution for the industry is to change the key or the entire digital rights management system -- or, to live with copying of HD DVDs. There is no good choice, but there is no recall of the key that is going to work.

The public has spoken whether one likes the result or not.


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