Friday, May 25, 2007

PR Black Eye 

We have written before about the prevalence of exposes in the internet age. Here is one, and there is not much credit card companies can say about protection of cardholders from identity theft. They clearly aren't doing the job.

It is interesting that the author of this essay calls for transparency at the end. Rather than stiffing those who point out insecurities and stolen cards, credit card companies should be welcoming and thanking them for their efforts.

Mainstream media can -- and have -- picked up articles like this and caused an even bigger headache. The moral of the story is the one must monitor every part of the internet today and take seriously what bloggers and others find. More than that, one must engage. The security departments of the credit card companies should have contacted this individual immediately. It doesn't appear to have been done, and there didn't appear to be action with one exception. That is the PR black eye.


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