Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Streisand Effect 

The Streisand Effect is a phenomenon everyone knows about the internet, but it has gained an amusing name. Essentially, it points to the attempt to prohibit information from showing on the internet, only to find that the verboten item is handed about and viewed far more than it would have been otherwise. In the case of Barbara Streisand, she attempted to keep an aerial photo of her house off of an internet database. That meant everyone was eager to see the photo -- and did. Attempts to regulate information on the internet fail time and again, but individuals, corporations and governments never seem to get the message. The best tactic is to ignore information once it is there and the chances of it sinking from sight are greater.

We dislike what you call "the best tactic"; we consider it naive. Closing your eyes or hiding your head in the sand, like an ostrich is a bad, bad idea.

Lawyers are the worse option you may choose, but there are many ways to deal these situations. We help our customers identifying and resolving things like this.

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