Friday, May 18, 2007


Hidden-camera investigations, documents placed on the internet, videoclips taken with a mobile phone, audio recordings placed online are all part of a growing trend to "out" individuals and organizations. Increasingly, companies find themselves trapped with little they can say because the evidence is overpowering that something went wrong. This article is a primer on how to handle PR when the news media and others come after you. Not surprisingly, the bulk of the article focuses on operations and not communications. PR is what you do and not what you say. Too many individuals and organizations in the world believe just the opposite. They cut corners and in so doing, leave themselves open to inquiring reporters and angry consumers. Once the mess is made, they look to PR to clean it up with communications magic. Alas, there is no magic.

Having worked with organizations that have been trapped, I can tell you that the humiliation is uncomfortable and the impact on business severe. It's always best to get operations right from the beginning than to be forced to deal with fallout.

"Trapped" is the 64th essay on PR and communications posted on online-pr.com.


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