Monday, June 25, 2007

Hardly New 

This fellow seems to think he has found a new way to be an activist by blogging on the same topic several times until he rises in Google rankings. He must know something I don't. It seems to me his "trickle blogging" is hardly new. It is simply persistence on the same topic. That persistence makes him more visible to PR practitioners who monitor blogs. In other words, what he gains in visibility, he loses in anonymity. Practitioners know to watch for him and his views.

If there is something new about what he is advocating, please let me know. I'm missing his point.

There are examples all over the internet everyday of people writing long and extensive pieces on their blogs that nobody ever reads. My point is to take these longer pieces and break them into smaller, well-focussed pieces on the same subject.

It's not simply persistnece. Someone can be persistant and only write 5 or 6 extensive, well-researhced blog posts that nobody takes notice of (including the search engines).

Instead the blogger could write 30 posts, breaking up all the information into to nice digestible pieces that also work from an SEO point of view.

Am I saying I have stumbled upon something earth shattering? Nope.

Am I pointing out something that many people do not take advantage of when it comes to advocacy blogging? Yep.



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