Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So, What's New? 

This article in The New York Times science section seems to be obvious and an insight man has known since the beginning of mental awareness. People's thoughts and actions change in the presence of sensory cues. Why were there cave paintings? Why were ancient temples built the way they were? Why were royal buildings magnificent and larger than what the average citizen lived in? Man has understood intuitively since the beginning that communication is a whole body experience.

Years ago, I used the example of gaming floors in gambling casinos. They are structured to disorient the senses and to keep players focused on the fun of gaming with lights, bells, whirling slot machine cylinders and enclosed spaces that shut out the world. Retail sales floors are filled with visual and aural cues to encourage buying. Churches and temples today communicate a sense of the infinite in their design

I suppose it is good that science is documenting what any communicator already knows, but was it worth such a lengthy piece?


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