Friday, August 17, 2007

Too Soon 

With all technologies, there is a time to investigate and a time to use them. One can jump in too soon and waste money or too late and lose advantage. Second Life appears to be case in which companies are wasting time and money. They are building virtual worlds but few are coming to visit. Perhaps it is good experience for them to understand avatars and what it is like to wander an alternate universe, but, it seems there are better things they could be doing.

It doesn't take long in PR to see technologies come and go to the scrap heap of good and not-so-good ideas that never made it in the marketplace. The idea is to test constantly but to commit slowly. Regrettably, there is a tendency to wait then jump in that loses advantage. Practitioners forget there is gear-up time with all technologies and unless they have experimented with them, they are facing learning time that slows use. On the other hand, there are also judgment calls about which technologies to investigate. Second Life has struck me as a waste of time, so I have avoided using it. Perhaps I'm a Luddite about gaming.


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