Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Common Good? 

How does PR handle this situation? Neither company is willing to give an inch in the war over the next generation DVD standard. Those who buy one format can't view movies in the other, so the public is not buying, for the most part. What good is that?

I'm sure PR practitioners at Sony and Toshiba are touting the merits of their respective formats and are unwilling to suggest compromise internally. Their bosses are grasping for huge returns and nothing so far has persuaded them to stop fighting. The result is the public loses. So, where is the public in Sony and Toshiba public relations? What is needed is corporate statesmanship, and there doesn't appear to be any. The sad part of the situation is that this format battle has been going on for several years and has slowed the advance of technology. At some point, one of the two companies will concede defeat, but how long will consumers wait until that happens?


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