Monday, October 22, 2007

Hypocrisy in Action 

What happens when a government body wants to deny an application, but doesn't want to be ridiculed? It asks for more information, then more information, then more information again until an applicant quits in frustration. That appears to be what is happening here. The Cape Cod wind generation project is a nationally publicized example of NIMBY (Not in My Backyard). The wealthy who reside there want environmentally generated power as long as it is done somewhere else. It seems clear that they have power over the Cape Cod Commission, and the Commission is doing their bidding. The developer has a weapon too. He can continue to publicize his difficulties to expose deliberate malingering in the hope that public pressure will get the Commission to act. It is a waiting game now -- who can outlast the other.

.Another off cape person that does not get the fact that the wind farm will destroy Nantucket Sound and every beach that surrounds it. I attended every CCC hearinng.
CAPE WIND REFUSED TO PROVIDE KEY INFORMATION. An Oil spill response plan for the 40,000 gallons they want to put just off our beaches in the middle of our fishing grounds. Cape Cod is not Denmark and Cape Wind is not off shore, it is just off our beaches. The Cape Cod Commission did their job, Cape Wind is afraid to provide the information requested because in the end, the truth will kill Cape Wind, not some commission.
Cape Wind should worry more about the new SOS PR employee Clean Power Now's Barbara Hill. Her over the top and arrongant accusations against the CCC were a perfect example of just how out of touch with reality the Clean Power Now fanatics are.It was Jim Jones all over again.
With an enemy like her, SOS and the good people of Cape Cod that oppose this project don't need friends. Nice job Barbara!!
Interesting that when a project is not rubber stamped by a governmental body, as so many are, suddenly the developer becomes a so called victim. The Cape Cod Commission simply did its job by looking past Cape Wind's slick four color politically correct glossy brochure and found the holes in it. Holes that Cape Wind thinks it can cover up with finger-pointing and denial. Shame on them.
It is not nimby to ask for an open space plan, in fact it is quite typical and eventually Cape Wind has to give one.
Also, you need to learn the definition of the word hypocrisy.

Finally, the local boards of selectman and chambers of commerce have come out against CW. Cape wind needs to bend over backwards if it wants to get approved by the commission.
Cape Wind represents:

Precedent “taking” threat of Nantucket Sound;
Radar Interference by wind turbines confirmed by DOD;
Public safety threat appeal by all three airports to FAA;
Deemed a public safety threat by local navigators;
Adverse impact to significant historic features;
Threat to archeological treasures;
Bird mortalities up to 6,600 annually endangered birds present;
Adverse impact to Essential Fish Habitat and fishing trades;
Adverse impact to tourist trade;
Threat to tranquility;
Threat to scenic value;
Taking by harassment of marine life, endangered present;
Review under no existing policy for ocean governance;
Cape Wind is the cart before the horse, no zoning;
New technology on a massive scale, risk;
Inexperienced developer, more risk;
Oil Spill Maps greater than 90% to hit shorelines;
MMS scoping deadline passed-no oil spill focus;
Failed to reduce carbon emissions in Denmark;
Not economically viable without tax and ratepayer subsidy;
Inadequate surety or bonding/failed project;
Maintenance issues coupled with unskilled labor;
Developer exploiting a federal hole in state sanctuary water;
Wind interests over simplify and misinform the public;
The Energy Policy Act 2005 converted Cape Wind to ad hoc review;
Species Protections and DOI/USFWS siting guidelines are being ignored;

Cape Wind could become the precedent for inappropriate development of our coastline.

“If you like the Big Dig, you’ll love Cape Wind.” as the Big Dig whistleblower, Christy Mihos has said.

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