Wednesday, October 17, 2007

PR Today 

This essay has been posted for a few days, and it is time to mention it. It is an analysis of the PRSA's 1982 description of PR posted on the PRSA web site. In some ways the description holds up: In others, it doesn't. Of course, nowhere in the description is any hint of the media explosion that occurred since that time nor of globalization that brought such tragedies as Bhopal. The description was and is aspirational.

It is past time for the PRSA to update the description, but I suspect it won't. It has become boilerplate to rivet where needed but otherwise forgotten. What is needed is a new description of PR based on the reality of what most PR practitioners do. Unfortunately, neither the PRSA organization nor its members would like it. Maybe that is why the old statement is left in place. It is nostalgic and a reminder of a time when PR had higher goals.

The essay is the 71st posted to online-pr.com.


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