Thursday, December 27, 2007

Country Reputation 

Companies have reputations: Countries do as well. How would you handle this kind of reputation? Being known as the capital of EBay fraud is not what a country would prefer. EBay to protect its own reputation has had to become involved with the country's police force.

With online, crooks can live anywhere and reach anywhere. Companies have no choice but to think globally about protecting themselves. Countries have little choice but to join in the fight lest they become political pariahs. That doesn't mean enforcement is or will be effective. Chances are that it will never be, and companies will need alternative means to protect themselves and customers. As in all matters of internet security, protection will evolve as crooks develop new techniques and approaches. The best that a company -- or country -- can hope for is a stalemate and eventual diminishment of activity because it becomes too expensive to pursue. Meanwhile, a company has to learn how to keep customers who have been defrauded and don't want it to happen again.

An interesting PR problem, isn't it?


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