Monday, December 03, 2007

How Not To Treat The Press 

Whether political candidates like journalists or not, they have to deal with them. They are the ones who follow a campaign from day to day, and they are the ones who set the tone for a campaign through their reporting. So, when a candidate treats reporters like this, one has to wonder what is going to happen to that candidate eventually in news stories. It seems Clinton's people are determined to control their message, so determined that they are ruining their candidate's spontaneity. On the other hand, the candidate herself may not understand that people want to see a person, not a quote machine.

Political handlers have been infected with the idea of controlling everything, and, as a result, have turned candidates into something less than human. Yes, it's important not to make mistakes on the campaign trail, but it is also important for voters to see and understand the person. Too much control is as dangerous as too little. The candidate herself should understand where the balance lies. If she doesn't, that in itself tells voters the kind of president she might make.


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