Monday, December 10, 2007


Having spent a good part of yesterday making music (that is, when I was playing and singing on key), it reminded me again of how perfect a communications medium it is. The message is carried in form and sound and pitch and rhythm and the way a performer delivers it. We had the chance to hear a harpist who proved again that it is an angelic instrument. The rest of the instruments and even the percussionist (who dropped his triangle on the floor during a pianissimo section of singing) were wonderful to hear.

It is hard for me to decide whether making or listening to music is more fun. The older I get, the more I lean to performing. It teaches me the skill of musicians I've heard all my life. They are indeed people who live another language and understand its components. I'm amazed by organists who play with two hands on multiple keyboards and two feet at the same time. There cannot be a more difficult instrument to master, and they make it look easy. Sometimes I wish I could master writing as well as good musicians master their instruments.

Music is a reminder to PR practitioners that there are many ways to communicate, and we should use them all.


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