Monday, December 31, 2007

Old Year, New Year 

The notion of a new year has long puzzled me. Time is continuous and demarcations are nothing more than conventions imposed by humans. We could as easily mark time from The Big Bang as we could from the Jewish, Chinese or Aztec calendars. But, we celebrate a New Year based on a calendar decreed by a Pope in 1582. Yet, more than ever there is no point in the change of year. Business is global, moving around the earth without ceasing. Communications are instantaneous, and presence within multiple time zones around the earth is an accepted part of daily living. Our concept of time has moved more closely to what it has been from the beginning -- unceasing movement of physical change in one direction.

Yet, we take days off. We have celebrations. We greet everyone with a hope for a good year coming. We don't question our assumptions: It is too much trouble to do so. So much of communication is bound by convention that we forget how irrational it is. But, so be it. May your coming year be peaceful and prosperous. Don't party too hard. It's back to work on Wednesday.


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