Friday, December 14, 2007

Try Again 

Last night at 6 pm, American Airlines cancelled our flight for this morning due to weather. I'm not so sure weather had much to do with it. The airlines cancel quickly these days for many reasons, including loads that are not big enough. So, a series of meetings that took weeks to put together will need to be rescheduled in the New Year.

It is useless to get upset about the inability of the US airline system to leave and arrive on time. The sad part of the broken system is there are technological solutions for most of the problems. Neither the airlines nor the Federal Aviation Administration have implemented them. We are now told that maybe by 2015 technologies that are ready today will be installed. In the meantime, US airlines will have earned their bad reputations many times over. I don't fly much anymore, and I try to avoid it. Each time I queue in a line at security, I'm tempted to moo like a cattle in a chute.


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