Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Getting Ready to Kick Off 

There is something about the day before a project launch. All the little things one needs to take care of come due. There is a frantic rush to complete what should have been done the week before. The client becomes amenable after days of pondering. Things fall into place. It is satisfying but frustrating.

The ideal is to plan and implement in a rational and well timed manner. Somehow, the ideal is never quite reached. Today, for example, we have a decision whether to issue a press release or wait until after a project launch. We're not sure the press release is approved, but the project launches tomorrow. The human need to procrastinate is not often in management textbooks except as a failing. But, maybe it isn't. It takes time for decisions to mature and deadlines and pressure are elements in the process. Availability is another. We are coming out of a holiday season, but even without that, businesspeople live frantic lives. Our emails live in their Blackberries along with 100 others.

It should be a busy day at work, but that is better than regaling colleagues about what one did on New Year's Eve.


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