Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Need For Editors 

In this article, an old newsman spotlights the need for editors. He's right. We need editors, especially in PR. Someone should challenge the accuracy, clarity and meaning of everything we say and write.

That typed, why do I write a blog without one? I trust readers will jump on me, if I'm wrong. However, that doesn't happen enough.

Schorr is correct in saying too much misinformation and ill-informed opinion finds its way into blogs. Freshness of expression is not a substitute for error. Blogwriters, because they work without editors, should be more circumspect and careful to check their work. However, that is the opposite of what most do.

Blogging has bred an unfortunate ignorance and/or disrespect for the editorial process. I am lucky in my PR work to have several colleagues who are good editors willing to argue concept and comma. I learn from them daily. I hope it shows in my blogging, but I still need an editor for these daily comments. I wish I had one.


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