Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pet Peeve 

This article is interesting because it discusses a pet peeve -- actors who fail to make themselves heard on stage. While the author says it is as much our fault for failing to listen, I beg to differ. My hearing isn't the best, but time and again, I have witnessed actors swallow words. The beauty of Shakespeare's verse is lost in a muddled rumble or rushed through such that one cannot grasp it.

The first rule of speaking is to be heard. That is true for everyone. With amplification we have lost the art of projecting from the diaphragm, of enunciating correctly and focusing sound so that it carries. Yet, there is still a need to know this. It is interesting that in colleges and universities, professors focus on the craft of writing but rarely on the art of delivery. They go together as the Greeks and Romans knew. It is time to go back to the future.


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