Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Why Bother? 

This writer provides three reasons for why he dislikes the huge Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that is winding up in Las Vegas. It strikes me as the same reasons why so many disliked Comdex when it was the huge computer show in the same locale. Comdex disappeared. Is it CES' turn next? From a PR perspective, these shows are a huge waste of money and time. Sure, one gets to meet most of the trade and consumer media in one place at the same time but the conditions of meeting them are anything but optimal. There is noise, stress, pressure for the reporter to make that next appointment and see a 100 more booths. Yes, one gets to see what competitors are offering and how one stands within the industry, but that requires hours of walking and searching, time a PR practitioner doesn't get while working the floor.

Large trade shows do allow companies to meet customers and sign contracts, but are the huge displays and dancers and magicians and two-bit comedians necessary to achieve that goal? It has never made much sense to me. It is peer pressure. "I'm going because you're going and he's going too." Eventually someone wakes up, totes the cost of these shows and pulls out. It may be past time for that at CES.


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