Monday, February 11, 2008

Sign of Desperation 

Why is it when sports teams and political campaigns get into trouble, they fire the manager? The message firing sends is one of desperation and not of a new beginning. It says to everyone, "We've got to salvage this season somehow. We need to shoot someone to show progress." The problems of the organization could be from the manager but most likely they aren't. There is more wrong at the root. It could be the wrong players on the field or the wrong candidate. The manager may have something to do with that, but not always. The manager plays with the team or candidate the manager has been given.

If one is going to replace a manager, it should be done early before the message takes on too much subtext. To fire a manager when a season is well along speaks too loudly of other things beneath the surface. It places supporters on edge. It forecasts diminishing prospects. It says clearly the candidate or team is in deep trouble.

There are some moves that teams and candidates shouldn't take. This is one of them.


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