Friday, April 18, 2008

Problem For All 

This is depressing news. Spammers can wreck the internet for everyone, especially for responsible advertisers. The volume of spam clogs the arteries of the internet, kills the credibility of honest merchants and is a constant annoyance.

It seems that out of self-defense, responsible advertisers may eventually have to contribute to slowing down spammers. How this might be done is not clear, but regulation, whether self or imposed, won't help. Spammers live beyond the reach of rules. There needs to be robust technical solutions beyond spam-catchers. The solutions need to punish spammers or identify swiftly machines sending it and isolating them from the internet. Whatever the methods used, they won't be entirely fair, and there will be disputes between those who believe they are responsible and those blocking them. I would rather see the disputes and know that spam is far less than 92.3 percent of all e-mail sent globally.


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