Friday, May 09, 2008

Obit For The Living 

How do you go on when reporters have written your death notice, published it and now are waiting for you to expire? This is the challenge Hillary Clinton is facing. Anything she says now will be largely ignored as attention turns to the nominal candidate, who at this hour still doesn't have enough votes to guarantee the nomination.

It is hard to think of a message or medium that can remove one from this dead end. From a communications perspective, it is checkmate. One wonders how her communications staff can get up in the morning and go back to the fever of the campaign trail. My guess is there will be more mistakes made in coming days -- like this one.

There have been other candidates written off by the media who have made comebacks, but it is rare. The hard part now for Clinton is motivating her own people. Her message must be directed internally as much as to voters.

The coming days leading to the last primaries will be increasingly uncomfortable for campaign staff. After months of non-stop work and exhaustion, going through the motions of yet another primary has to be misery. This is one more reason why I'm glad I never worked in political communications.


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