Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Take Time 

Take time to browse the 2007 GAP V Study on generally accepted PR practices from the USC Annenberg School for Communication. There are no great surprises in it, but it does provide a baseline snapshot of where the industry is today. It is disappointing, but to be expected, that PR agencies are seen as "arms and legs" to help companies complete their communications programs. That is, agencies are seen as commodities to be changed out at will. There are many reasons for this including growing sophistication of internal communications departments.

There are seven sections to the study, so be prepared to spend a while sifting its contents. Note particularly the section on measurement. There are disappointing results there that indicate a lack of understanding, particularly among marketers, for what measurement should be. On the other hand, I would argue with the study's author over the concept of measurement in general.

My thanks to Prof. Jerry Swerling for making me aware of the study.


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