Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Walk In The Cloud 

Cloud computing is a term that has emerged in high-tech over the last year or so. It refers to the vast computing power supporting the internet from huge operators like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google and others. It also refers to the growing number of applications that are solely internet-based that allow users to download word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and other software per need as well as store their information on collaborative workspaces on the internet.

This article looks at the implications of Cloud Computing after a brief survey of how we got to it in the first place. While it is still early in the game, it is already possible to cut ties to PC-based software and to work around the world with little more than a good internet connection. Results will vary by location and surprisingly, the US is among the slower countries in terms of cellular broadband speed. That will change in time, however. As speeds climb, so will the ability to work collaboratively anywhere at anytime in ways that are difficult to achieve now.

As usual, I welcome any comments you may have about the article. It is a living document that can be changed. This is the 75th essay posted to online-pr.com


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