Monday, June 30, 2008

The Second Look 

Give the US Army credit in that it authorizes and releases reports on its past actions -- like this one. From a PR perspective, it demonstrates an organization that is willing to examine itself publicly for what needs improvement. How many corporations could say the same thing?

On the other hand, looking back too much imperils future action. The future is never like the past, and there is a truth to the saying that armies always fight the last war. Still, there are lessons from the past that do apply to the future. There are guideposts for organizational leaders. For one, in any future war US commanders should learn the history of the countries in which they are fighting. Had they known the intolerance between Islamic groups in Iraq, they would have been less satisfied with toppling Saddam Hussein and feeling their mission was accomplished. There was plenty of knowledge about and understanding of the Middle East available. Neither the White House nor the command structure paid attention to it.

There is no guarantee in the next military action that they will again.


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