Friday, July 18, 2008

Be Careful 

When a presidential candidate becomes this popular, it is time to watch out. Even one tiny slip will be magnified many times over. Barack Obama thus far has been media magic. He has escaped serious criticism, although he continues to fight rumors about his religion and political leanings. This trip abroad is largely a photo opportunity for Obama to establish his credentials as a candidate who knows something about international affairs. Obama will be in the safest position if he says little and listens closely, because anything he says will be reported heavily.

Obama has proven to be a smart candidate and well-organized. His every move outside the US has been carefully plotted. Each TV anchor will get time with him in a foreign setting, and Obama will deliver a honed message for voters. The only possibility of seeing the real man will be in the few unscripted moments that are bound to occur while he is on the road.

Still, there is as much risk of allowing the anchors to follow one on the road as there is gain. If I were Obama's media coordinator, I would be nervous until Obama is firmly back on American soil.


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