Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Future Living 

Oil has topped $140 a barrel and now analysts are beginning to predict what life would be like with oil at $200 a barrel. It will be different in numerous ways -- some obvious and some subtle. From a PR perspective, many messages will change. For example, what will the travel industry say to the public? Airlines are already cutting back. Cruise ships will raise fares. Locales dependent on tourism such as Hawaii and Florida will have a drop in visitors. Destination locations such as Disney World will fight for traffic.

Consider the cost of food that will rise because of transport charges. What will food publicists do for menu suggestions? Or, think of the cost of products from outside the US. Clothing, shoes, toys all will rise in price. How then will a Walmart react in its messaging?

PR professionals should be thinking through the implications now, if they have not started. It seems likely that oil will pass $150 a barrel soon. From there, who knows, but even at $150 a barrel, as the article points out, lifestyles are changing fast.


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