Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Great Publicity, Poor PR 

This site got a lot of publicity when it debuted yesterday. Unfortunately, it melted down when thousands tried to use it. If one wants to be a Google-killer, the site needs to work every time. What should have been a great opening day turned into an embarrassment.

I was able to complete one search, and it came up empty. Google found what I was looking for.

I agree. I had the same experience when writing down my name in the search box. It had only a few links to some of my comments in two or three PR blogs (while I had left many in more than 20), and it even did not showed my blog address or my Facebook profile, which are always the first.

Maybe in some days they will improve it, but the start was not their best.

Regards from a subscriber in Buenos Aires.
look this site:

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