Friday, July 04, 2008

It's the Boss 

When you read stories like this, the first person one should suspect for a failing communications campaign is the boss. The boss approves the strategy and the boss is responsible for being the face implementing it. McCain has not proven adept at large campaigns in the past. His record of mediocrity appears to be continuing. By all accounts, McCain is effective in small group situations where he can give and take with audiences and the media. Maybe that approach doesn't work on the national level. I'm not a political campaigner, so I wouldn't know. However, it doesn't take a career in politics to see where the source of confusion in a campaign comes from. The same happened with Hillary Clinton and was a sign of her eventual demise.

McCain doesn't have much time to get back on track. At this point, he is looking like the Republicans' sacrificial lamb in an overall bad year for the party.


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