Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not A Great Way To Find Another PR Job 

This is not a great way to find another job in PR. Suing a former employer makes one toxic, even if the former employer deserves the suit, as this story seems to indicate. It is better to go quietly and to gather support from those who know what happened. In this case, the PR person could point to an article in Fortune that explains the turmoil in the company.

I've been fired in my career. It wasn't pleasant, but in both cases, the companies were failing and subsequently disappeared. There wasn't much to be done. One could fault me for joining shaky firms, but the businesses seemed to be thriving. It didn't take long once I was on the inside to see how dysfunctional they were. In one case, the joint owners of the business were at each other's throats. In the second case, the business was straining to go public and failed. And, it deserved to go under. Management was spending more time wooing potential investors than running the business, which was wildly out of control. Both failures were educational in a grim way. They taught me caution and provided experience that I've since used in counseling clients.


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