Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This story is sad but true. We visited several national parks and monuments last week and noticed typos in handouts and signs. While we don't expect park rangers to be grammarians, we do wonder if they use a spell checker. There is something disappointing about obvious errors. It is unprofessional and a sign of disrespect for tens of thousands of visitors to historical and archaeological sites. That no one seems to notice is commentary on our education system.

While the young persons who traveled about the country correcting signs were in the wrong, I can understand their desire to get things right. Someone should be checking brochures before 100,000 are printed and signs before they are cast into bronze.

Interesting; nice ironic touch to use "tipos" in the URL instead of "typos".
You think that's bad - Minnesota Twins shortstop Adam Everett (sp?) took the field the other night with the word "Minnestoa" spread across the front of his jersey.

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