Monday, December 29, 2008

Response Vs. Risk 

Every nation has a right to protect its citizens, but there is a question of the dimensions of protection one can use before a nation loses credibility in the world community. This is the fine line Israel is treading with its all-out offensive against the Gaza strip. The question is how much reaction is too much, or has the reaction to date been too little? Muslim countries are outraged, but one would expect them to be. Israel will have problems if the world community turns against it.

There are no easy answers to proportionate reaction. What would it take to get Hamas to stop firing rockets and mortars? The answer appears to be that nothing will make them stop. So does one live with the danger of rockets or smash Gaza until there is nothing left while creating bitterness that will live for generations? Is there a communication by force that could be sufficient? These are issues Israel's leaders are attempting to answer now.


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