Monday, December 01, 2008

Tough Jobs 

Hilary Clinton will have two jobs as Secretary of State. One is the job she will do and the other is fitting into a team. After months of setting herself apart, she now has to lower her profile and not outshine the President elect. That may be harder for her than handling Russia, North Korea and Iran. It will certainly be difficult for her husband who works at staying in the public arena. On the other hand, if Hilary can pull it off, she will enhance her worth as a public servant and make her next run at the presidency easier.

One of her first tasks will be to control her own people who will be busy trying to set her apart from the rest of the cabinet. She may have to be hard on her staff to keep them in line. If she isn't, look for conflict that will shorten her term in the role. It wouldn't be surprising if she spends a great deal of time out of the country away from the Washington DC press corp. It would be one way to control rumors and bad feelings.


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