Thursday, January 08, 2009

Reality Intrudes 

We wrote here some weeks ago that President-elect Obama would have to work hard to readjust expectations about what he can do in office. Reality is intruding now and narrowing his options. Lawmakers and lobbyists are waking to the massive deficit that will be created if he goes ahead with his stimulus plan. It will mean years of high taxes and higher interest rates to pay off and to keep inflation from spinning out of control. It will take discipline to turn away businesses asking for money and painting a dire picture of what will happen to the country if they don't get Federal funds.

A President's job is never easy. Obama's task is shaping up to be unusually difficult. He will have to communicate constantly to keep his party and the country behind him. Opposition will form quickly. The question is whether he can keep it at bay. From a communicator's standpoint, it will be interesting to watch.


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