Friday, January 02, 2009

Same Old Song 

George Orwell's views of communications in totalitarian societies has long been demonstrated in Cuba where the government continues its struggle against a "great enemy" -- the US. The losers, of course, are Cubans who are wretchedly poor. The Castro brothers have a death grip on power and constantly speak of their need to keep it. One wonders how long Cubans will tolerate what has been and continues to be a lie. For decades, Cubans relied on money from exiles in the US to meet basic needs. For decades, Cubans have sought to leave the country and go elsewhere. While many Cubans profess to be happy with what the government has given them -- good medical care and basic education --, they cannot avoid what the government hasn't provided -- basic and affordable consumer goods and decent jobs. One wonders how long this lack of transparency can last before the society collapses. It was 80 years for Soviet Russia. It is hard to believe that Cuba's government could last much longer.


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