Tuesday, January 06, 2009


A reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle called yesterday to ask about Steve Jobs and Apple Computer.

His question: What if anything should Apple be doing to stop rumors about Job's health? My answer was that Apple at this point should release Job's medical records, so people can see for themselves that it is a hormonal imbalance and not something more serious. The reporter asked about privacy. I responded that the situation has moved beyond privacy into the realm of material disclosure. Apple is Jobs, and if there is a succession plan in place at the company, shareholders are not aware of it. Shareholders are concerned. The reporter asked who is at fault for the situation as it stands now. My answer: No one in particular. Jobs has a history of a life-threatening disease, and circumstances have placed both the board and Jobs into a corner. There are no easy answers for situations like this. People will pass rumors even if Jobs' medical records are disclosed. Should Jobs look healthy and regain weight in the next few months, there will be a residue of worry, and the smallest sign of another weight loss or lack of health will reignite concerns. With transparency, however, neither the board nor Jobs can be accused of a cover-up.

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