Monday, February 02, 2009

Communications Failure 

Sometimes it happens. In spite of best efforts, careful planning and better execution, a communications campaign doesn't work. It is tempting then to move on and forget, but failure can be as instructive as success, if one examines it closely. This essay uses a simulated case study to investigate failed communications of a new employee benefits plan. It discusses three common techniques and shows how to use one.

Essentially, investigations into failure use disciplined logic to parse each element until one finds a cause or causes for a breakdown. Having found the causes, one can then apply the right solutions to fix the problem at its root.

My thanks to colleague, Shade Vaughn, for valuable suggestions in writing this article.

As usual, I welcome reactions, observations and additions. This is the 97th essay posted on online-pr.com.

I always enjoy reading your insightful entries, and am particularly delighted today to see Shade Vaughn mentioned. Please give him my warmest regards, from his first PR jefe, as we say in San Antonio.
Thanks for this case study. Especially in an industry built around communications, like public relations, it's as important to study failures as successes, not only to learn from them but to better communicate those lessons to clients and employees.

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