Friday, February 06, 2009

PR Disaster 

Here is a PR screwup in the making. Rather than switch on the assigned date in February from analog to digital TV signals, Congress has decided to delay the process for four months. The trouble is some stations have already made the change and others are about to do so. So viewers will be caught and unable to see some of their channels whether they are in analog or converted to digital. There are always a percentage of people when a change is made who don't get the message or can't afford it or don't act in time or don't understand it. Congress should have left the issue alone. Instead it has injected confusion into the process and created an instant mess.

Sure, most stations have already added their digital signal, but have any of them already shut off their analog signals? I'm not so sure about that. The deadline is basically to shut down the old analog. Any viewer "caught" as you say has already been caught in limbo, if it has happened.

Most of the stations I know have dropped their analog transmission power, but haven't shut it off entirely.

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