Monday, March 09, 2009

Ugly Image For A Country 

This is an ugly image for a country. I hear people say they would not go to Mexico for any reason. I feel the same. One never knows whether or when crossfire from a drug battle might spill over. Mexican authorities have been struggling to control the gangs and have shown some success but are apparently still scratching the surface. Why would anyone want to visit a country where kidnappings and shootings are so common?

The single most important PR move Mexico could make is to control the violence. Its image as a sovereign country won't improve until it does. This may mean putting the military in charge of law enforcement in all towns along the border. But, it also means keeping the military clean from corruption, something local law enforcement could not do. It is upsetting that a country which seemed to be improving has been thrust back so badly by drug wars. What these battles are showing is that the country's progress might have been illusory.


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