Thursday, June 11, 2009

Too Many Interests 

Government frequently has to adjudicate among competing interests with the understanding that some will win and some lose. Here is a typical example related to the increase of national broadband service in the US. Government will decide how to spend $7.2 billion in stimulus package funds but it is already clear that no matter what decisions it makes, there will be winners and losers and come crying foul.

Public Relations for the government in this instance is to detail reasons for action in order to cover itself sufficiently when losing interest groups try to stop it, which they will. There are Congessmen and Senators watching the process who will jump in if their pet projects are not met. There may be lawsuits if a party is left out. The irony is that the money should have been doled out by now to create jobs and pull the economy out of recession. It looks like it will be months yet before dollars start flowing. Meanwhile, lobbyists from all sides will continue to push for their views. Nothing is easy in government.


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