Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tough Times 

Here is one reason why it is harder for PR practitioners to place business news stories. There are fewer business journalists and the number will continue to decline. Business news reporting is going back to the future. For those with long memories, there was a time when business news was confined to a page after the sports section and usually consisted of wire service reports and stock tables. The growth in business journalism occurred since the 1980s.

The current decline is not healthy, especially since industry will need to pull the US from the recession and the concerns of business need airing. Unfortunately, online sources have not taken up the slack -- not yet, anyway. Major media like The Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek have poured resources into their web sites but others have not. There is even one major newspaper that fails to cover the earnings of public companies in its circulation area. (We've tried repeatedly to get it to pay attention to one of our clients without success.) PR practitioners need to adjust to a shrinking news hole and sharpen their messages even more.


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