Monday, July 06, 2009

Now They Tell Us 

In January when the President of the United States was pushing for the massive stimulus bill few were talking about the implications of the debt the country was taking on. Now it seems the media among others have wakened to the fact of $11 trillion of IOUs.

The mounting debt is an example of how shortsightedness can make matters worse. It is especially true when it comes to legislators. The Democratic Congress was eager to spend money. There was something for just about everyone in the stimulus bill. Now, to pay for it they will have to cut, but that won't be easy even with the President's formidable powers of persuasion. No elected official likes to take money away from constituents. Look at the paralysis in state governments where by law, officials have to balance the budget. States like California and New York are deadlocked. It is now becoming apparent that the stimulus bill might not have been such a good idea.

The lesson for PR practitioners is obvious. Short-term tactics and messages are foolhardy, even in a crisis.


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