Thursday, July 23, 2009

One-Trick Pony? 

This is an interesting analysis of President Obama's leadership style. He seems to be a president who knows one way to get things done -- talking. Now, the worry is that he will become over-exposed, and people will stop listening to him. Political persuasion takes many forms, including hardball moves that may be in order to get legislation through. For example, the President can tell recalcitrant congressmen that he will veto any bills favoring their districts if they fail to go along with his wishes. Then, he has to back up his promise. Obama is still new to the office of President. There is time for him to learn, but unfortunately, he is pushing a centerpiece of his presidency now -- healthcare legislation. It will be instructive to watch him over the coming weeks to see how he cuts deals and keeps legislation moving. Political PR is messy and one doesn't always want to know how it works.


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