Thursday, August 27, 2009


There is one message that needs to be retired in politics and elsewhere. This is the complaint that one is being criticized because of race. Obama supporters are making that charge as well as the governor of New York, who is African-American. The problem with the message is that it is too easy and too all encompassing to be true. Criticism of both men is based on competence and not the color of their skin. Thus far, President Obama has handled the situation better than his supporters who are overly sensitive. The governor of New York is a different story. His behavior has been close to bizarre, which has cost him support even in his own party. There have been plenty of African-American public figures who have suffered because of their race, notably the great baseball player, Jackie Robinson who was taunted on and off the field. Robinson, however, handled the ugliness in the best way through brilliant play. We aren't in the era of Robinson, which was 60 years ago. Times have changed. So should the message.


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