Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Why PR Has To Work Harder 

What is happening to science reporters also is affecting business and general beat reporters. It means PR practitioners have to work harder to sharpen stories and to provide the facts journalists need to write. A positive view of the diminishing number of reporters is that they need PR more than ever to help gather information and find stories. However, that only makes sense if PR practitioners see themselves as a resource to the media, willing to put themselves into a reporter's position and to anticipate questions the reporter needs to answer in a story and avoiding "spin."

Traditional PR has definitely changed over a course of time into a new set of non-traditional PR tactics. PR is slowly turning into means of social networking, leaving the main channel of awareness and news release as though writing to the direct consumer/fan. We are relying less and less on media outakes, and instead molding them to be received by the direct buyer.

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