Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Chore 

Labor Day is a time of rest but there is one chore worth doing over the three-day weekend -- cleaning your essential tool in PR, the computer.

At work, we have a technician who regularly disposes of junk internet files, cookies and other useless stuff. At home, computers becoming more and more clogged and slower by the month.

My home computer was dragging badly. I determined to clean and optimize it. An unfortunate problem was lack of hard drive space to do so. In order to defragment a hard drive, one needs at least 10 percent of the space left. I had less than that, but I tried anyway. The computer ground away for 24 hours and achieved only 17 percent defragmentation. Obviously, there needed to be a thorough file cleaning. The culprit, it turned out, was leftover files from my daughter's iTunes. She has her own computer now but failed to remove her songs from mine. So, I cleaned the hard drive again and shifted files here and there to gain another 10 gigabytes of space. With that, it took the computer less than an hour to complete defragmentation. The machine is zipping along now as it should have been doing all along.

Do yourself a favor. Do a Fall cleaning on your computer(s). You will be happy that you did.

Fall cleaning should be recommended when buying your computer. The technician should highly recommend that the buyer should invest in motivating themselves to clean their computer every season that they can. Two computers have been ruined in my family for downloading too many programs and not checking if their was room first. I feel as though teenagers do not want to take the time to clean computers, and some adults do not know how to clean computers up. I agree with this and everyone will have a happier ending in the end. I know when i clean my computer i feel less overwhelmed and less chaotic.

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