Thursday, November 26, 2009


This is a day to be thankful for the good things one has -- family, friends, health, peace. There is a group to be thankful for that one might forget -- colleagues. I've seen good and bad working conditions in my non-career career. For many years now, I've been blessed to work with outstanding practitioners whom I can trust to stick to facts and more importantly, seek truth. The idea that one says anything as long as one can win an argument is foreign to them. It is a pleasure to work with them for that and also for the ability to argue strenuously until an answer is discovered that frames the facts at hand. I'm wrong as many times as I'm right when confronting client challenges. There is deep satisfaction in knowing the people around you will keep you from going off the edge and vice versa. Impromptu bull sessions tear about issues and examine them from multiple viewpoints until an answer surfaces that none of us might have imagined. Yes, we have fallen into "groupthink" on occasion with disastrous results, but for the most part, collective minds have been better than individual smarts. That only comes from dedicated practitioners who avoid cynicism and are dedicated to their jobs. It makes going to work a pleasure.


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