Monday, December 14, 2009

Wasn't Going To Comment 

This blog was going to avoid the subject of Tiger Woods. Everyone else has piled on him. Why add to media titillation and howls of outrage? But, we're going to break our self-imposed silence just once to comment on sponsors, one of whom has dropped Woods already.

There is little to gain and lot to lose to remain identified with Woods at this point. There was a pattern of behavior that showed not one or two failings but a continuous flouting of standards and convention. Why have an individual like that standing for your company? Now that Woods has decided to stay away from golf for a time, why continue to identify him with the sport? Woods' behavior has damaged the game, fellow golfers and fans. Except for one or two notable "bad-boy" personalities, most golfers were known as clean athletes who lent golf and their sponsors a good image and platform on which to offer products and services. Tiger has single-handedly damaged that, if not destroyed it. One wonders if Woods understands how much hurt he has caused. If more sponsors leave, perhaps he will.


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